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About Us

Japon Master Şef Hiroki Takemura

About Us

Sushi Manga is directed by the famous Japanese master chef Hiroki Takemura who has worked in the most important restaurants of Istanbul and offers the best examples of Japanese cuisine.

Apart from the Japanese bestsellers sushi, nigiri, sashimi a variety of Asian cuisine such as noodles, ramen, rice, wok and grill with the highest quality ingredients are served as well.

Master Chef Hiroki Takemura is the writer of the educational book “Sushi Taste and Technique” which was first published in 2002 and was translated to numerous languages such as Portugese, German and Spanish.

He is one of the most influential chefs of Modern Japanese and Peruvian cuisines…

Hiroki, and his young students have the pleasure to serve the freshly prepared Asian cuisine to the open-minden people of this beautiful city, Istanbul.